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Increase your recovery performance on past-due student accounts and reduce your bad debt portfolio without the inconvenience. Our flexible and advanced debt collection strategies hold the key to unlocking financial solutions for your school.

Our Key Selling Points

Most schools already have a relationship in place with third-party collection agencies. We get that. However, we offer a no-risk/no-lose way to supplement what you are already doing through your current agencies to make an even bigger financial impact on your institution.


Our 50+ years of combined experience in the collection industry gives us the expertise you need to effectively manage your student account portfolio.


Not only do we provide exceptional customer service, but we approach your accounts just as you would. We diligently work every account regardless of some preconceived notion of which ones might pay.


Our unique proprietary measurement enables us to make strategic changes and gauge our success with speed and positive action.


Our state-of-the-art technology provides operational flexibility, automation, management control, and productivity that cannot be equaled by using a conventional data-based system. 


Key 2 is licensed in all states, adheres to the Code of Ethics of the American Collectors Association (ACA), and complies with all statutes on debtor privacy and identity theft.


Our collection system allows us to make real-time changes and ensure that no accounts are skipped, missed, or passed over. 


Get quick and easy access to your placed accounts, collection status, and activity using our web portal. You can also customize any of the standard reports you require. 

Your Key to Impressive Recoveries

Key 2’s philosophy, technology, and unique proprietary measurement empower us to provide successful results and solutions for the education industry. Our unparalleled approach to collecting debts generates zero complaints and outstanding revenues. Key 2 Recovery Specialists ensure that students are treated with respect and dignity and put in a position to be successful in overcoming their student debt burden.

Place accounts, send validation documents, view account information, or otherwise explore the most client-attentive collection service in the education industry.

Explore your payment options using our hassle-free and flexible payment system. Achieve financial independence through the help of our Recovery Specialists!

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If you want to truly unlock the AWESOME in your portfolio, call us. Our clients see, on average, a 30% increase in recovery performance after using Key2.