I have been receiving calls or letters from your company and I don’t know what this is about.

The nature of the debt you owe most often is due to a balance left behind once you left school. If you had financial aid and withdrew, it is likely that the institution was required to refund any unused portion upon withdrawal, to the United States Department of Education. If this occurred, that would create a receivable balance due directly to the school.

I really don’t think I owe this debt. What should I do?

If you wish to dispute the debt or the amount of the balance due, or if you wish to receive the name and address of the original creditor, we will be happy to provide supporting documentation to you. Just send us an email to and we will respond once we receive the information you requested directly from the institution. You may also go to to learn more about your rights under federal law.

I believe I have already paid this debt to the school, and I should owe nothing.

You may always feel free to contact your institution if you believe a mistake has been made, but according to the information the school has provided us, there remains a balance due. However, if you have receipts or proof of payment, please forward that to our office at 201 N Brookwood Ave., Hamilton OH, 45013, or attach them to an email to, and we will be happy to research them.

I would like to begin making payments on my account. How do I go about that?

You may contact our office toll-free at 877.322.5392 and speak with any of our agents. They are happy to assist you with establishing payments you can afford. Alternatively, you may go to There, you can make a single payment, pay your account in full, establish payment arrangements, and explore settlement opportunities that may exist. Please bear in mind that a single partial payment does not put your account in repayment status, and collection calls will continue until an ongoing, regular payment arrangement is set.

I want to make a payment on behalf of someone else.

If you wish to contact our office toll-free at 877.322.5392, you may. However, we will need permission from the student to speak with you. Alternatively, if you know the student’s information, including their 9-digit Key2 account number, you may pay through our website at

Why have I not heard anything about this past due balance until now? I left the school some time ago.

It is likely that the school did, in fact, attempt to reach you both by mail and by phone a number of times without success. While schools use their best efforts to communicate with students both before and after they leave school about their past due balances, their core function is providing high-quality education, not collecting debts. Resources are limited on college campuses and that is why they often request assistance from companies like ours.

I should have had financial aid or GI benefits that paid for college.

Most likely, due to a drop or withdrawal from the institution those benefits were either disqualified or the money was returned to the U.S. Department of Education, thereby creating a balance due directly to the school.

I have paid my debt in full with your firm. How long until my account will be removed from my credit report?

Once we have received payment in full, we will typically send notice to the credit bureaus at the end of the month the final payment was received, that your account has been satisfied, the account has been closed in our office, and it should be removed from the credit bureau. Usually, within 30-45 days, the credit bureau complies with our request and removes the account.

I’m concerned about providing my bank account information to be used for payments.

You can send checks or money orders to us directly through the U.S. Postal Service or other delivery services. We also accept Visa or Mastercard payments. However, Key 2 is fully compliant with the highest level of data security relative to ACH, Debit Card, and Credit Card payments. The most convenient, secure, and inexpensive method of payment is automated ACH or direct debit from your bank account without the risk of missing a payment or suffering the high-interest rates of some credit cards.

Can I just contact or pay the school directly?

You may, however, since the account has been placed in our office, they will likely just direct you back to us. It will be easier and more convenient to allow our firm to arrange and process your payment for you. We can also make sure the payment is reflected on your active collection account and the credit bureau as quickly as possible.

This is an attempt to collect a debt, and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.